You've met the business me - Now meet the real me
Where do I begin?
I'm Martin, a happy, life loving Man of Kent enjoying my time living and working within the peaceful Wiltshire countryside with my partner Holly.
We're both seriously into adventure running - It's pretty much like normal running, but you don't race or compete against anyone; instead you're embracing the sense of adventure and taking in the sights over longer distances - The photo above is from the day we ran nearly 40 miles in and around Edinburgh; just one of the many adventures we've shared with many more to come!
We're also loving parents to Chester and Lemmy, our two ginger tabby cats (who like to make the occasional cameo on Zoom calls), and like to spend our time otherwise doing up our house and garden, or finding and sampling the craft beers of independent microbreweries from all over the world.

As for me personally, I'm a collector and and solving enthusiast of Rubik's puzzles; I re-taught myself to solve the cube during lockdown and currently practising speed cubing.  I'm logically minded, left handed and have a degree in Graphic Design, all of which are attributing to my creative drive!

I aim to be that person who can be approachable, makes for a great and productive conversation over a cup of coffee or two, and you can tell straight away your branding and marketing is in confident and experienced hands.

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