I've been into Graphic Design since I was 16, I earned a BA Honours degree a few years later, and since then it's all I've been doing for my entire career and simply something I love doing.

I have previously spent 10 years working for sign making companies; during that time I've been consulted and entrusted to work with businesses of all sizes, helping convey their brand image and spread their messages.  A recent unfortunate turn of events however gave me the opportunity to give the self-employed route a go, and so far I've not looked back.

I am the designer you can sit down with for an informal chat over a nice cup of coffee or tea, and know straight away your brand and marketing is in experienced hands; the fact you will leave our meetings with a sense of good spirit?..  Consider that a bonus.

When I'm not designing I'm an adventure runner; I don't run to win, but to explore my physical boundaries and our stunning country - I am privileged to have run parts of the UK and see them in a completely different way (This photo is us running up Mount Snowdon from sea level via the lesser travelled Ranger Path) with my biggest supporter and girlfriend Holly.  We're also proud parents to two Orange Tabbies called Chester and Lemmy, who are chaos but we still love them to bits.

I'm also fascinated by the work of Ernő Rubik, and an avid collector of his puzzles and those of others including Uwe Meffert and Adam Alexander.
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