Manuli Packaging are a globally recognised leader in the packaging industry producing and supplying stretch films, bubble wrap and tape for a variety of large name businesses and distributors.  Rebranding at a global level to Manupackaging in the second half of 2019, a new logo was created and sent out to all sites globally in order to revise their image and material accordingly.

Due to the busy nature of their daily operation, rebranding management for the UK site in Wiltshire was outsourced out to Martin Barnes Design & Branding to ensure this was completed to a standard that was representative of an industrial leader; a challenge that was increased due to the lack of an in-depth branding document to support the logo.

Liaising with trusted suppliers, new signage, embroidered workwear and stationery was visualised, produced and delivered with the new logo present on it.  The clients were fully informed on all aspects of design concepts and quotations from suppliers to ensure the physical rebrand was carried out within budget and provided a degree of continuity to reinforce the brand value.

Turning to the marketing side of the brief, the client freely admitted they were guilty of not appropriately long-term planning their marketing, so were not taking the full advantage of the output channels available to them.  Regular consultations with the client's sales team produced ideas to develop new complimenting product literature and create focused and content based marketing plans, making digital and print based channels work cohesively.

Creating a focused marketing plan and campaign for plastic based goods in the current eco-friendly climate was tough; with so much negativity criticism in the media over plastic consumption and recommendation of paper-based alternatives, it was determined key to promote Manupackaging's new eco-friendly range "Manunature" as reinventing plastic packaging and to remind people that companies as such are actually doing something to address the matter but people are not being fully or incorrectly educated about it.  Manunature was then introduced using the short term social media based campaign of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, REINVENT" showing customers exactly how Manupackaging are doing their part within each R along the way.

"Manunature" was promoted as plastic based alternatives that offered decreased product consumption, fossil fuel resourcing, and carbon dioxide emissions, while increasing recycled content levels, improving recyclability and the introduction of a fully biodegradable film.  Supporting marketing literature frequently uses bright images of natural metaphors to catch attention and help educate customers of the potential the "Manunature" range has to help preserve our environment, if not help heal the damage done so far.

Martin Barnes Design & Branding continues to work closely with Manupackaging to create, action and maintain informative digital and print based marketing material not only with the UK site but more recently with European sites as well.
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