The client was a start-up business looking to sell merchandise aimed at Toyota Land Cruiser enthusiasts, who have the second largest 4x4 fanbase behind Land Rover.  After visiting a number of shows with their sister businesses, they identified that there were a number of vendors selling Land Rover themed products, but little, if not any vendors selling such products aimed at the Land Cruiser following.

After being commissioned by the client to produce digital illustrations of the 80 and 90 series Land Cruisers and Hilux, Martin Barnes Design & Branding sourced suppliers who could reproduce the full colour artworks onto enamel mugs and air fresheners at prices which would allow the client to resell at suitable prices, but also offer the flexibility of fulfilling smaller restocking orders.

With the products artworked and their production underway, Martin Barnes Design & Branding went on to develop a new logo for Gone Exploring.  Working round the concept of a compass drawing already created for the merchandise, Grey and Orange were combined to create an engaging design that could easily be transposed onto product packaging, supplying these printed along with square recycled business cards and logo stickers.
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