Buddy Me is an online community group whose goal is to provide an opportunity for those facing loneliness to meet and socialise with other people in and around Westbury whom share the same life-altering situation.

Originally set up by the founder as a social media group seeing the detrimental effect loneliness can pose, word about Buddy Me spread quickly and so went from being a small group to an organised online community; where members are free to speak with no judgement, discrimination, pressure or rejection.  The community gained wider attention both on and offline for the support members provide each other and the arrangement of regular meet ups becoming more popular and frequent.

To help members identify each other at these meet ups, Martin Barnes Design & Branding consulted with the client to produce pin badges that could be handed out to members.  Originally looking at a metal badge, ideas and options were proposed, but seeing how well the group logo could be replicated the client actually chose to go for a moulded PVC option.

Not long after supplying the badges, and around 9 months since the group's premise, Buddy Me celebrated its 1,000th member and has since been featured on local media.  The group still continues to grow and now covers most of Wiltshire and people from further afield are also joining.  The group has future plans to collaborate with local mental health support groups and organisations to help offer members even more support in the battle against loneliness.

Anyone who feels at risk of loneliness is freely welcome to join - You can find out more about the group and join here
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